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How can I tell if a box or antique is worth Restoring?

Period frames have been increasing in value over the last decade, and paintings in their original frames are worth more than paintings that have been put in newer frames. This is particularly true of frames with gilded surfaces. For these reasons, most period frames in reasonable condition are worth a conservation assessment. A treatment proposal from a professional conservator will outline the options and their costs.


What is the difference between conservation and Restoration?

Conservation is largely a fancy term used mostly in the US but it does have important


Can you provide a treatment proposal with only photos?

No. Even a detailed photograph doesn’t give enough information to make an accurate evaluation of the condition or the treatment required. Preparation of a treatment proposal involves much more than the physical appearance of the object. A conservator must make a detailed assessment of the object’s surface in order to prepare a professional treatment proposal.


What is the process for getting an object repaired?

Every treatment starts with an evaluation of the current condition of the object. From this evaluation, we will prepare a written treatment proposal that describes the current condition of the object, the proposed treatment options, and the estimated cost of each option. Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will schedule a time when the object can be treated. On completion, we provide a treatment report that documents the treatment process (before, during, and after photographs, steps taken, and material used).


How do furniture or Music boxes get to you for treatment?

In the local Mid-Atlantic area, reasonable fees for pick-up and delivery can be included in the treatment proposal, on request. Beyond the local area, we would recommends a Fine Art carrier, such as Fine Arts Enterprises or US Art Co. Music boxes as a boxed item do not ship well- Objects can also be shipped via Federal Express or UPS.


Does Doug perform treatments and restoration on your site?

Virtually all music box work requires a full machine and wood shop, so all work must be done in our studio.


How much will it cost?

The cost of treatment varies considerably, and can only be estimated accurately through the process of preparing a detailed treatment proposal. Often we can present several treatment options to be considered; we can help you make those decisions and reach a solution that meets your needs.


I want to repair my item myself. Can I get materials and assistance from Doug?

No. Gilding and conservation of period pieces is an involved process, not something that can be learned in a weekend. Though well-intentioned, amateur repairs can do irreparable damage, permanently lowering the value of an object and making professional treatment much more difficult and costly. However, we can offer internships and training programs upon request.


Arlington, VA, 22204

C: +1 703 244 1230


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